Oil & Gas Matters

The Marcellus Shale Exploration has led to an exciting resurgence of the law of oil and gas in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  From the beginning of Pollock Morris Belletti and Simms, LLC when Lloyd E. Pollock began leasing oil and gas for private clients in Greene County to the well deserved reputations of Ewing B. Pollock and William P. Thomas, Jr. in the oil and gas legal community, the attorneys of Pollock Morris Belletti and Simms, LLC have represented their clients with distinction.  Our attorneys do not extract a percentage of your royalties in return for their services, but choose to bill by an hourly rate that is determined at the commencement of the representation.  Do not sign with any oil and gas company without the advice of one of the attorneys at Pollock Morris Belletti and Simms, LLC.

Criminal Representation

The attorneys at Pollock Morris Belletti and Simms, LLC will defend the rights and interests of those accused of engaging in criminal acts from Driving Under the Influence to white collar crimes and all other felonies and misdemeanors.  From arrest through to the end of the process, we will work to defend the rights of our clients charged with criminal acts.  Our attorneys have extensive experience with all types of criminal defense matters in both Pennsylvania and federal courts.

Civil Litigation

On the civil side we often begin our relationships with clients when they have contract disputes involving home warranties and construction disputes with their homes. In addition, we have extensive experience in most forms of civil litigation such as actions to quiet title on their real estate and many other breaches of contracts. If you feel you have been wronged by another person or company, and believe you are entitled to compensation as a result of that wrong, our attorneys stand ready to help you pursue your claim.

Domestic Relations and Family Litigation

Pollock Morris Belletti and Simms, LLC provides legal representation in Western Pennsylvania in all aspects of family and matrimonial law, including prenuptial agreements, dissolution of marriage, division of marital property, property settlement agreements, child custody, grandparents’ custody rights, child and spousal support, alimony, protection from abuse, paternity issues, cohabitation and parenting agreements, guardianships, juvenile court matters, and adoption.

Attorneys at Pollock Morris Belletti and Simms, LLC recognize that family law matters are often emotionally and financially taxing on the litigants.  As such, it is our goal to provide affordable legal services while zealously representing our clients within the highest ethical standards.  We share your belief that your family and children are the primary focus.

Municipal Law

We are proud to include several municipal clients and municipal authorities among our long list of clients.  We share the concern that the taxpayers’ funds are to held in the highest regard while maximizing service to said taxpayers.  Our advice to municipal clients is what they need to hear and not always what they want to hear.  We invite other municipalities to come on board.

Real Estate Transactions

Our clients often start their relationship with us when buying their first home or business.  We have been at the top of the real estate legal community from Lloyd E. Pollock’s first days as an attorney.  Both individuals and corporations have utilized our expedient title examinations to feel comfortable in their real estate purchases.  Our support staff is second to none in closing your next real estate purchase.

Corporate Organization

The area of Marcellus Gas Exploration has increased dramatically the need for corporate organization to provide federal inheritance tax avoidance and estate planning needs while protecting one’s personal assets.  We offer simplistic solutions for the needs of both the business owner and the farmer.

Wills, Estates & Estate Planning

Many of the wills written by the attorneys at Pollock Morris Belletti and Simms, LLC over the years sit waiting for whenever they will be needed.  The long history of this firm insures that your estate will be processed when the time comes by a competent attorney familiar with your wishes when you wrote your will.

Banking and Finance

Pollock Morris Belletti and Simms, LLC offers a multi-disciplinary group of attorneys experienced in representing all different levels of lenders and borrowers, in a wide range of secured and unsecured financing transactions. Pollock Morris Belletti and Simms, LLC can just as easily represent the lender as it can the loan applicant.  Attorneys at Pollock Morris Belletti and Simms, LLC will soon appear in the Bond Counsel red book.  Our clients need not look further for representation in all aspects of financing transactions, from negotiation and origination, to documentation and closing, and when necessary, to enforcement of remedies or procedures and agreements for workout and reorganization.